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Armed and Dangerous Drinker

Let's say that a policeman goes to work. Naturally, he carries a gun (as part of his job). You wouldn't want this policeman to stop by a bar on the way home and get drunk while still carrying his weapon. You wouldn't want any drunken person to be carrying a gun!

The problem with Karate students is that we are always armed and dangerous. We are always carrying a weapon, so to speak. We cannot leave our Karate in the car, at work, or in a locker. It is with us 24 hours a day. Our Karate is with us when we are sober, and remains with us when we are drunk (or otherwise under the influence).

We have to control our drinking not only to protect ourselves, but in order to protect others from what we could do.

As Karate students, we are held to a higher standard of personal conduct... or at least we should be.

OK, you can blame me on this post too.


Charles C. Goodin