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All Different Karate

There are many ways to teach Karate (or any martial art for that manner). The way you might teach a 6 year old differs from the way you might teach a soldier in a hand-to-hand combat course. While I do not like tournaments and competitive forms of Karate, I do appreciate the dedication and hard work that many students devote to such events.

I respect many different ways to teach and practice Karate. My own approach is the one I feel most comfortable with at this point in my training and at this point in my life. I'm sure that my views will change and grow (hopefully) as I continue to mature in the art.

There are so many aspects to Karate. We all pursue a certain mix of these aspects. I work a lot on body dynamics, particularly the use of the koshi to generate and direct power. However, this is just one aspect of Karate. Body dynamics, by itself, is not Karate -- it is just one of many aspects (albeit an important one).

A diamond has many facets. That is what makes it beautiful.


Charles C. Goodin