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Treating Guests

Occasionally, we have guest students from within our style (Kishaba Juku Shorin-Ryu). When we do, I try my very best to work with them, and also have my sons and senior students work with them. Sometimes it may seem that we go a little overboard and pay too much attention to guests.

I wanted to explain why this is so.

When I went to Okinawa in 2002, Shinzato Sensei and his students were extremely kind to me, and patient too (especially with all my bad habits and errors). When I did even one movement partially correct, Shinzato Sensei was so happy. His joy and enthusiasm were infectious. He trains and teaches for the love of the art. He truly enjoys what he is doing.

When I get a guest, particularly one who really wants to learn, I try my best as a way of paying back Shinzato Sensei and his students for their kindness. I can do very little for them, but I can show my gratitude by trying my best with guests and visitors within our style.

If it were not for Shinzato Sensei's kindness and patience, I think I would have quit Karate in 2002 and practiced Kendo or Aikido instead. Physically and technique-wise, I was literally at the end of my rope. But thanks to Shinzato Sensei, my Karate life entered a new phase and I have enjoyed every minute of training ever since.

So it is a very small thing for me to try my best with guests.

We have a guest from the mainland right now. For those of you who are his friends, I want you to know that he is doing great!


Charles C. Goodin