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Too Many Kata

My friend and senior, Sensei Pat Nakata, just shared an email with his students and our Kenkyukai group that included the following:
"Chibana Sensei said that too many Kata are detrimental to understanding the essence of any one Kata, but if the number of Kata is too limited then one's scope is too narrow. Too many times, many teachers become Kata collectors, so they can retain students by constantly teaching them new Kata. They need to do this because they have no concept of refining and improving their Karate through the practice of Kata. This is also the reason that many schools turn to Kumite, because they do not know the combat application and effectiveness of the Kata and that Kata practice is more realistic for combat than Kumite"
As usual, Nakata Sensei has said -- in very few words -- exactly what I have tried to express in many words.


Charles C. Goodin