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Teaching Karate to Miss Hawaii USA Contestants


On Saturday (July 31st), my sons (Charles and Cael) and I gave a Karate session to the Miss Hawaii USA and Miss Hawaii Teen USA contestants. For that pageant, there is going to be a 12 part series of 1/2 hour shows showing the different things that the contestants did. One segment will be about Okinawan Karate. That should be shown on Fox 2 (in Hawaii) in October or November.

There is a short Youtube segment at:

The Youtube segment is different than the program. For the program, BJ Penn's film crew did the work. The video clip is dark and grainy.

I thought you might like to see this. Earlier this year, my daughter participated in the Miss Hawaii's Outstanding Teen pageant. Eric Chandler and Takeo Kobayashi were very helpful to her, so when they asked us to help with this Okinawan Karate lesson for their contestants, we could not refuse. Tasja also demonstrated kata with my sons.

My main lesson to the girls was that Karate might work in a self defense situation, but avoidance is 100% effective. If you can see a problem and avoid it, that is the best thing. Also, I mentioned that learning Karate for 90 minutes is like learning hula for 90 minutes -- you can only learn so much. Both are lifetime pursuits. I also tried to show the Okinawan roots of Karate and its rich history here in Hawaii. That is not shown in the video clip, but hopefully will be shown in the 1/2 hour program.

I was impressed by the contestants. They were in good shape and learned quickly. One actually wore a gi because she is learning Karate.


Charles C. Goodin