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Categorizing Karate Students -- Training

Over the years, I have distinguished Karate instructors/students by various factors, including:

Those who focus on tournaments... and those who do not.

Those who focus on the commercial aspect of Karate... and those who do not.

Those who are born in Japan or Okinawa and feel this is somehow special and makes their Karate somehow better... and those who do not.

Those who focus on rank and titles... and those who do not.

Those who focus on the organizational aspect of Karate (politics, associations, etc.)... and those who do not.

Recently, I have rethought this and now distinguish Karate instructors/students by the following factor:

Those who focus on training... and those who do not.

If you focus on training, Karate is hard in one way and easy in another. It is hard because training takes a lot of time and effort. It is easy, because if you focus on training, everything else should fall into place. People who focus on training usually do not have time for politics, do not want to be bothered by organizational details, put little emphasis on or faith in rank and titles, concentrate on increasing their level of skill rather than winning trophies, and realize that skill in Karate comes from hard work, not where you are born.

The way to get better at Karate is to train. Train, train and train some more. Do not be satisfied with the way you were yesterday. Try to get better every day.

Those who train get better. Those who don't, well what do they do?

There is no "I" in training... there are two of them!


Charles C. Goodin