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Gay Karate Students

I would like to set forth my policy about gay students who might like to join our dojo. Remember that Karate is an art that is several hundreds of years old and represents very traditional values.

My policy is to welcome all students who would like to sincerely study the art. Gay students are welcome. Sexual orientation is not something I would consider at all. I wouldn't "ask" and I wouldn't mind at all if the student were to "tell."

The main thing to me is that the student tries hard and is nice. I am worried about students who might be violent. I dislike lazy students. I like students who enjoy being in the dojo and training. None of this has anything to do with being gay or straight.

Our dojo is like a family. In fact, my wife and children are members of the dojo. Our students are part of our dojo family... all of our students.

Hawaii is known as the land of Aloha. We are a very culturally diverse place and we accept people with a lei and a hug.

There are state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination based on a number of factors. Even if there were no laws that guaranteed or required equal treatment of gay students, I would not discriminate.

Karate is a peaceful art of self-defense. We believe that life is precious and should be preserved. We are even reluctant to harm an attacker unless it is the last resort.

Gay or straight is not the issue for me -- being a good student is.


Charles C. Goodin