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Demonstration Error -- No Big Deal

On Saturday, our dojo took part in the One Year Memorial Demonstration for Robert "Snaggy" Inouye held at the Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha. Our dojo performed Wankan, Rohai, and Sakugawa Nu Kun. See the program.

During the Wankan kata, one of our students made a wrong turn near the end of the kata. She corrected immediately.

During demonstrations, some instructors make a big deal about errors. I don't. I think they (errors) are funny. A kata is just a kata. In self-defense, conditions are constantly changing.

I always say that it is better to turn well in the wrong direction than to turn poorly in the right direction. It is quality of the movement that counts.

I told the student that if she was asked about the turn, she should say that the attacker moved and she had to adjust.

I have also noticed that with our body dynamics, it is really hard for us to do kata together, at the same time. We all move a little (or a lot) differently. It looks fine when one person demonstrates. But when two or more perform, I can notice the differences.

The demonstration was a real pleasure and a great way to remember Snaggy. The people we train with, in our dojo and others, become our family. In recent years, I have attended a funeral for a well-known Sensei, two funerals for Sensei almost no one knew about, two wives of Sensei, the husband of a Sensei, a student of a Sensei (that was Snaggy), and the son of a Sensei. It seems that many of us get together at funerals. This is because Karate is such an important part of our lives, and our fellow students and instructors become part of our families.


Charles C. Goodin