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You Can Count On...

I my experience...

You can count on some people to be there, not complain, and get the job done.

Thank goodness for these people!

But there are also people...

Who say they'll be there but don't show up.

Who come, but somehow are always sick or injured (somehow).

Who say they'll be there, promise to do something, but then something comes up that day!

Who show up and just watch while other people do the work.

Who show up and tell the people doing the work how they should do it better (but don't help).

Who show up the next week and say, "Oh, I thought it was today."

Who come late and leave early (always).

Thank goodness for the people who come early (to help) and leave late (after helping all day).

I always say that the Sensei should work the hardest and get the dirtiest. A Sensei should inspire the students by his (or her) example. This does not only apply to training.


Charles C. Goodin