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New Record!

On Father's Day, I went bowling with my second and third sons, Charles and Cael, and my daughter, Natasja. We played three games.

In the third game, I bowled a 207! My high game way back in high school (I graduated in 1976) was 157. My high game during the last year or so that my family started bowling on weekends, was 150. So 207 was really high for me (really, really high). And I had a clean game -- strikes or spares in all 10 frames. It was really amazing. I think that the Father's Day angels were helping me.

Bowling a lifetime high game with my kids on Father's Day was the best!

So here is the point. Karate makes you a better bowler! Or, I was really, really lucky that day!

And here is another point. Spending time with your kids -- doing anything -- is the best!


Charles C. Goodin