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Fingertip Bruises

I mentioned that I practiced Ju Jitsu a little with my son, Cael, after one of our recent classes. More correctly, he practiced on me.

One thing I did not mention is that when I went home, I had these bruises on the insides of my arms in the bicep area -- bruises in the shape of Cael's fingertips. So I got bruises from where he grabbed me, and he was not even grabbing me very hard!


I am in pretty good shape for my age, but it is hard to compare the shape of a 52 year old to the shape of a 20 year old (who is in really good shape).

This really shows that if you try to use power against power, you better make sure that you have more power! In my case, I cannot overwhelm Cael with raw power -- certainly not! In his case, I would have to use strategy and attack vulnerable points. Of course, he realizes this and would be protecting his most vulnerable points. I guess I would have to try the Jedi mind trick.

Well, at least the bruises are going away (they did not hurt).


Charles C. Goodin