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Relaxing -- Twofold Benefits

I often tell new students, especially those who have already had Karate training experience, that it is critically important to learn to relax when executing techniques. Until the moment of contact, most tension is wasted. The same is true after the moment of contact. Many students waste a tremendous amount of energy (90% or more).

Being tense when it is not necessary slows down the technique. So if you can learn to relax properly, you will be able to move faster and more freely.

You will also be using a lot less energy. As a result, you won't get as tired and will be able to train longer. You will literally be able to do much more with much less. Your recovery time between training session will also be much less (because your muscles won't become as sore).

As we age, the twofold benefits of relaxing become more and more important. I know some students/instructors who seem old and weak at 40 and some who seem young and strong in their 70s!

Trying "harder" is not always the answer.


Charles C. Goodin