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Basics are Hard

Some students think that basics are easy and kata are hard. Just the opposite it true.

Basics are very difficult. New students start off with basics and the most advanced instructors continue to work on basics.

Karate are simply a collection of basics in a certain order. If the student has good basics, he will certainly have good kata. Conversely, if the student has poor basics, his kata will be equally poor.

Some students think that they will become better at Karate by learning more kata, particularly more advanced kata. It seems to me that many students learn kata that they are not ready for.

If a student can punch well, just think how many times he will use that punch in various kata. But if he punches poorly, just think how many times he will punch poorly in various kata. Instead of learning another kata, perhaps the student should work on improving his punch.

I often say that if a student can do just one block well, he can use that to learn to do all blocks well. Essentially, the body dynamics of all blocks are the same. Jodan, chudan, gedan... it really doesn't matter. So if a student has good body dynamics for one block, he can use the same body dynamics for all blocks.

Basics are hard, kata are easy... if you have good basics.


Charles C. Goodin