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Yelling Kata Name

Someone recently asked me why some people yell out the name of the kata before performing it. I have come up with a multiple choice test. Is the reason:

  1. To scare away potential attackers
  2. To make sure that they know what kata they are about to do
  3. To scare away wild animals
  4. To invoke the spirit of the kata maker
  5. To comply with international copyright laws
  6. To show that they know the name of the kata
  7. So that judges will know what kata they are going to see
  8. Because if the kata is done at night, it is good to let potential attackers know where they are (wait, that must be wrong)
  9. Because everyone else does it, so it must be right
  10. All of the above
  11. Some of the above
Personally, I find that this practice gives me the heebyjebbies. It is sort of tantaran. Please see "Back with more on "tantaran'" by Lee Cataluna (a very insightful writer here in Hawaii). Yelling out the kata name seems a little like blowing a trumpet to me... tantaran! It is also somewhat "taran." Sorry, no offense intended.


Charles C. Goodin