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This is Sensei...

I received a telephone call recently which began something like this, "Hello, this is Sensei John Doe." Of course, this was not the caller's name, but he did introduce himself as "Sensei."

You can imagine what I was thinking. I want to remain positive so I will just say that when someone addresses you as "Sensei," this is a sign of respect and honor. But when a person refers to himself as "Sensei", this is something quite different (I am being nice).

I knew a young boy once who lived near me. Whenever he spoke about his Karate class, he would recite his instructor's name and all of his black belts (in different styles and arts). This must have been something the class was taught, because the child could do it really well! It was like an advertising jingle.

Forget about titles when you introduce yourself. If you use them improperly, you will look like a child. And as I always say, with skill, titles are unnecessary, and without skill, titles are irrelevant.

The two titles I am most proud of are "dad" and "grandpa".


Charles C. Goodin