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I have thought of a new acronym that might save people time when they are writing about Karate people: "TDH." Can you guess what this stands for?

OK, it is "10th dan, Hanshi." It seems that this is used quite a bit now so we could just shorten the title to "TDH."

Of course, you could add "M," "GM," or "GGM" ("Master," "Grand Master," and "Great Grand Master"), plus any number of other titles. Don't forget "S" for "Soke", "Shihan" "Sensei," or perhaps "Sempai." Since that is confusing, perhaps we'll have to make those "Sk", "Sh," "Sn," and "Sm."

I am still content with "D" and "GP" ("Dad" and "Grandpa"), but that is just me.


Charles C. Goodin