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Perfect Bowling Afternoon

Today I went bowling at Ft. Shafter with my three sons and my daughter. My wife, mother, and granddaughter came to watch.

We played teams: my sons Charles and Cael against my son Chris, daughter Nayna and me -- raw total again raw total. Charles can break 200 so those two against us three is pretty fair.

We played three games and if you can believe it, for two of the games, we were the only ones bowling in the entire alley! Just the five of us on two lanes. It was pretty amazing.

My daughter bowled a new high score and my oldest son Chris did well too so our team won two out of three games! Sweet.

And, of course, as the father, I win! If one of my children gets a good score, I do too because I am their father. I had two strikes back to back once today. But having my four children all together is like four strikes!

My Sensei here in Hawaii is a bowling coach. When he was giving my children pointers the other day I heard him say, "Don't worry about hitting the pins, just concentrate on good form. If you have good form you will be able to hit the pins."

What a perfect lesson for Karate students!

Man, having a whole bowling alley to yourself (with all your children), that is something to remember.


Charles C. Goodin