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Hawaii Self-Defense Laws -- Online Video

Remember my post entitled Hawaii Self-Defense Laws: What You Can and Cannot Do, a panel discussion which was held on Thursday, April 1st, 2010, at the William S. Richardson School of Law? Well, the talented folks who organized the presentation have posted a video of it online. I highly recommend that you view it as it covers critically important information for martial artists here in Hawaii -- and general information that will be useful outside of Hawaii too.

That night, I only saw my friend and senior Sensei Richard Young, so all other Hawaii Karate instructors should really watch this. Please see:


One of the most important things that was stressed at the presentation, is that given the chance we should "Just walk away." I could not agree more! As Karate instructors, we have nothing to prove and quite a bit to lose if we injure someone. Just because we practice self-defense does not mean that a court will find that our actions were justified and will be considered as a defense to charges that may have been filed against us as a result of our use of Karate techniques.

Thank you very much to Mickey Knox for inviting me to the event and for this video link.


Charles C. Goodin