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Next Rank

I've often written about rank related issues. After one of my posts, I was contacted by a reader who related that after any promotion, he immediately had to begin working on the next rank.

I have also seen this. Even before receiving a certificate, I have seen students who are already working or angling for the next "dan". In some organizations, rank is not simply based on dedicated training and skill. Hosting seminars, having a large enrollment, working for the organization, and many other factors are also taken into consideration (formally or informally).

We should all work hard to become skilled in Karate. We should all work hard to be in good physical condition. We should all work hard to refine our movements, to optimize our body mechanics, and to understand the applications of all techniques.

If we are promoted, we should thank our Sensei and seniors, and continue to work hard.

When I have been promoted, I have not thought about the next rank -- I have thought about trying to earn the rank I had just received and not doing anything to make my Sensei look bad for having promoted me. I don't like to talk about a promotion for a few years... just in case. And even then, it is generally not something to talk about.

When you are promoted, don't look forward, just keep your head down and your nose to the grindstone.


Charles C. Goodin