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My Karate Philosophy

I am serious when I write this post.

I do not have a Karate philosophy, except to train. I train, and that is it.

When I train, I do not think about philosophic matters, gods or angels. I do not think about Zen or sutras, or saying at all. I just train.

If I think about such things, I will not be concentrating completely on training. During training, I have no room for stray thoughts, whether they be of religion or any other subject. Imagine something that is so fast and requires so much attention, that if you blink, you will miss it. If you dream, you will fail. Even if you focus 99%, that missing 1% will be your downfall.

During training, I train. I train -- no extra thoughts, no verbalization.

When I train, I am not training to get to heaven or become enlightened -- not that these are not noble goals. It is just that they are not my goals during training. During training, I train. Afterward, there is time for pursuing goals.

When I train, I concentrate on training.

I have no philosophy of Karate and do not pursue Karate as a religion. Karate is Karate and religion is religion.

I do have certain codes of conduct for Karate, such as using Karate techniques in defense only. These guide how I would use or not use Karate, but are not a religion or philosophy.

My training is simple: learn how to move optimally and learn how to apply the movements. During training, I train. When the mind and body are concentrated completely on training... then that is a special thing indeed! No gaps.


Charles C. Goodin