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Fast Food Karate

I was speaking to a friend about Karate and he mentioned that in some places, martial arts schools are like fast food restaurants. I got the impression that they were "fly by night" operations.

Hearing this made me really sad. Here in Hawaii, I know many martial arts instructors. While there are some commercial schools, I would not call them fast food restaurant-like.

Most of the martial arts instructors I know are truly sincere, hard working, student oriented, and committed to a lifetime of martial arts training and teaching. They are the real deal. Most make little or nothing from teaching. Some actually spend their own money so that their students will have a place to learn.

We are really lucky here in Hawaii. You can find excellent instructors of just about any martial art, not only the Japanese/Okinawan arts but the Chinese, Filipino, and others too.

I am truly grateful to martial arts instructors everywhere who positively represent their arts.

In Karate, we are not serving fast food.


Charles C. Goodin