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Armed MMA?

I was thinking... how would MMA be different if the competitors each had a 6 inch knife? What difference would that make? A taller competitor would have a longer reach, but also more body to protect.

Now how would MMA be different if the competitors each had a 6 foot sword? A taller and stronger competitor would have the advantage.

Now how about crossbows?

What about body armor?

You could go on and on. The rules and weapons shape the results.

When I was benching with my son, Cael, he mentioned that it is easier to bench if you have shorter arms. This makes sense.

In Karate, we do not have to think about rules or advantages/disadvantages. There are no rules and we have to prepare for an unexpected attack. We do not get to pick the attacker or even the time of the attack (except to the extent we can avoid it). We do not have a choice of whether the attacker is armed or not.

We do not get three rounds or five rounds. Maybe we have three seconds or five seconds, if that.

We do not even get to face our attacker -- he might attack from behind with no warning.

To tell the truth, that is the advantage of Karate. We train for this unfair uncertainty.


Charles C. Goodin