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You Are A "Tanaka"

I met with the niece of a famous Wrestling and Sumo champion here in Hawaii. Her uncle passed away some time ago, and she was giving me some photographs and memorabilia for the Hawaii Karate Museum. As we spoke, she related something her parents used to tell her. I will pretend that her last name was "Tanaka" because I do not want to impose on her privacy.

Her parents used to say, "You have to watch what you and your siblings do because you are a 'Tanaka.' Your uncle is well known here in Hawaii. If you do something bad, people will know and it will reflect badly on the family name. So be careful and watch what you do."

We may not be Tanakas, but we are Karate students. We may not be famous but what we do reflects on our Sensei, our dojo, our fellow students, and on the art of Karate. We too have to be careful and watch what we do.

We are examples and ambassadors of the art of Karate.


Charles C. Goodin