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Wrong Setting

This afternoon I went to pick up my daughter from school. It seemed so hot in the car. I even opened the windows for a while, but it stayed hot. Then I remembered that it had been rather cold this morning and I had turned the heater on. So I was driving around in the afternoon (when it was about 80 degrees outside) with the heater on. No wonder it felt hot!

So how does this relate to Karate? There was nothing wrong with my car, I just had the air conditioner on the wrong setting. I needed to set the knob to cool rather than hot. That's all.

Many times, students have problems with their Karate training. In frustration, some students blame Karate itself, their of style of Karate, or their dojo, when actually the problem lies within themselves. Their techniques are on the wrong settings.

One of the most common problems is being too stiff/using too much muscular power. Proper technique in Karate requires that the student learn to relax. Otherwise, nothing will work correctly.

The Karate is correct, but stiffness will make it seem wrong... like driving around with your heater on.

My sympathies to all of you on the mainland where it is freezing right now. I lived in Maine and Illinois, so I can relate. Like the saying goes, "Lucky we live Hawaii!"


Charles C. Goodin