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Profane Song Lyrics

When I drive, I listen to the same radio stations that my 16 year old daughter listens to. I find some of the music entertaining, and it gives me a glimpse into what seems relevant to the younger generation (don't I sound so old?).

Anyway, I noticed that I could not understand the words of several songs. I knew that there could be many reasons for this, but one day I asked my daughter about it. She explained that the lyrics had profanity and the offensive words were replaced with other sounds (apparently computer generated). She said that she heard the unedited versions on the internet.

How sad!

I would think that creative people could find far better words with which to express themselves.

Those of us who teach Karate must be careful with the words we choose. If we say 100 clean things and 1 swear word, you can be sure that the children in the dojo will remember that one swear word, and perhaps use it. We need to try our best to set good examples.


Charles C. Goodin