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More On Tatoos

After I wrote about Tatoos, my friend, Mark Tanosich, who lives in Japan, wrote that "Sports clubs/gyms here still often prohibit admission to anyone with a tattoo."

Then I asked a Japanese friend in her 40s and my mother who is Japanese and in her 70s about what people think when they see a woman with tatoos in Japan. They both gave me this shocked look like, "Women don't get tatoos in Japan."

They finally said that if a woman had tatoos in Japan, the perception would probably be that she was a criminal.

Again, I am only raising this issue in case readers with tatoos go to Japan or Okinawa to train. Some people might react negatively to the tatoos and think the wrong thing.

I mentioned some time ago that I knew a Karate student who visited Okinawa almost every year. When he trained with us (this was when I was at another dojo), he would shave his head. But he would grow his hair out before going to Okinawa. This was so that people there would not incorrectly think that he was a Buddhist or Zen priest (or in training to be so). I felt that this was a courteous thing to do.

We tend to see ourselves through our own eyes -- almost as if in a dream. It is extremely difficult to see ourselves as others see us.


Charles C. Goodin