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Fight! Magazine Article

I found out this week that I was quoted in an article entitled The Empty Hand, by Kelly Crigger, in the December issue of Fight! Magazine. A friend of mine, who studies Ju Jitsu, brought the article to my attention. I had exchanged emails with the author some time back and forgotten about it.

One of my quotes reads:

“Early karate was the MMA of the day,” says Goodin. “It was a system where ‘everything goes.’ The techniques ranged from stand-up to takedowns to ground work.”
Sounds good to me. (smile)

I was also quoted saying:
“Karate prepared a student for an unexpected attack, not for a staged or arranged fight,” says Goodin. “In self defense, there were no rules. Kumite immediately resulted in rules and limitations. Imagine MMA with no rules at all. That was more like early karate.”
Again, sounds good to me. (smile)

I have a great deal of respect for other martial arts. We are all doing (emphasizing) different aspects of the same thing. As I've mentioned, my third son practices Brazilian Ju Jitsu and my first and third sons practice Kendo.

If I could split myself into several people, I would study many martial arts. Age and the demands of family and work make this difficult for me. Fortunately, Karate presents more than enough of a "mix" to make it interesting each and every time we practice.

Through Karate training, as we hone our skills, we also polish our characters.


Charles C. Goodin