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Worst of the Best

I have a strategy. I would rather be the worst of the best group rather than the best of the worst group. I am not trying to be judgmental. I am just being honest.

If I train with the best, even if I am the worst of the the group, that may still be much better than being the very best of the worst group. In the best group, I might be easily beaten. I might be the weakest and slowest. But I will have so many great people to learn from. There is only one way for me to go... up!

I will give you an example. When I lift weights with my sons, I have no chance to beat them at anything. They are so much stronger than me. But by training with them, I will push myself much more than I would do if I trained alone. Being the worst among them is much better than being the best by myself.

I have had several fine Sensei visit our dojo here in Hawaii. I have no reservation about saying that these Sensei are much better and senior to me in every way. I am just lucky that they came to visit us... and I got to learn and experience so much, as did my students.

I and my dojo are members of the Kishaba Juku (Shorin-Ryu). Again, I am just happy to be a part of this group. I am just happy to be a student of my Sensei. How lucky I am!

I do not worry about being the best. I only worry about trying my best.

When you associate with the best, some of it rubs off.


Charles C. Goodin