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My Favorite MMA Fighters

As I've written, I watch MMA with my sons. We have a little ritual. When fighters are introduced, we each pick one (just for fun).

OK, who do you pick, the Ju Jitsu expert or the Karate expert (except Lyoto Machida)?

Who do you pick, the big guy or the little guy?

Who do you pick, the guy with lots of tatoos (mean looking ones) or the guy with no tats?

The guy with a killer nickname, or the guy with a plain name?

Who do you pick, the gnarly looking guy who seems that he might actually be a werewolf, or the normal looking guy?

Who do you pick, the guy with jacked up ears or the guy with normal looking ears.

We have tried all sorts of variables, and generally are not good pickers. It does seem to me that the fighters who are really good at Ju Jitsu have an advantage if they are also good strikers.

But that is not my point. I want to describe my favorite fighters. I am serious. I like certain fighters, not because they are big, bad, tatooed, have twisted ears, or anything like that. I like the fighters who are really skilled and also very polite.

Anderson "The Spider" Silva comes to mind. Many times during a match I have seen him reach down to help up his opponents. This is during the round when they are supposed to be fighting. I asked my sons, "was he really offering to help or was he going to punch the guy?" They assured me that he was honestly offering to help the other guy up. He is so skilled and so polite. I like that. I respect that.

I guess that a poor fighter who was polite would not be well known. But it is nice to know that there are winners who are also polite. I'm sure that Anderson Silva is not the only one and I don't mean to exclude others.

A last thought. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall and weigh 168 or 169 pounds. How is it that MMA fighters my weight are so much taller than me... and more muscular too? I know the answer, but it just gets me.

There is a saying that "Karate begins and ends with courtesy." The same applies to all martial arts.

To all the polite MMA competitors out there, good job! You make all martial artists look good.


Charles C. Goodin