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More Polite MMA Fighters

In My Favorite MMA Fighters, I mentioned that I liked the polite competitors. As an example, I mentioned Anderson "The Spider" Silva.

I received some responses to this post, agreeing that skilled and successful fighters can also be polite. Another example cited by some people was George St. Pierre. I have to agree with that.

So what do Anderson Silva and George St. Pierre have in common, besides their skill, success, and courtesy? They are foreign -- not American. So I think it would be good to compile a long list of skilled, successful and polite American fighters.

I realize that MMA is a sport and big business. People don't necessarily shell out big bucks for pay per view to see polite fighters. Hype sells tickets and I'm sure that some fighters who make it seem that they want to kill or maim each other are really friends. But young people might believe the hype and also believe that this is an acceptable way for a martial artist to act.

We should all remember that as martial artists we are training to be gentlemen (and ladies), not brutes and thugs.

I am glad that there are positive examples and role models in MMA, like Anderson Silva and George St. Pierre.

And when it comes to a match or championship, I will always say, "Go BJ!"


Charles C. Goodin