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Landscaping A Yard

I might have mentioned that my oldest son purchased the house next to mine last year. As a present, I have been landscaping his yard. Whenever I have have a free afternoon or weekend, I try to do some work.

Someone recently asked me, "What do you get for doing all that?"

At first, I really could not even understand the question, let alone respond to it. Our family is very close. Working in my son's yard is not something I think about as a big thing, even though it does entail a lot of work. It is just something you do when you are a parent.

It is like teaching Karate. You teach a student day after day, week after week, year after year, and what do you get for it? It is like working in your son's yard. You don't teach because you expect something in return. You are not paid for your time, not really. It is like you are trying to grow something. When I work in my garden and grow a really nice plant, I don't say to it, "Now it is time for you to pay me."

When I really think about it, teaching Karate is a lot like working in the garden. I feel good when I grow plants and they have babies. I take good care of them. My reward is seeing them grow and thrive, just like teaching Karate. When I see a student improving I feel great! When I see a student teaching well, I am ecstatic!

I would like to say that we teach Karate for free. But I think that it is more true that we teach Karate because it makes us feel good. It makes me feel good to make a nice yard for my granddaughter to play in.


Charles C. Goodin