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Knife in the Pocket

I am at work right now. This afternoon I am going to a beach where there are some wild plants that I like. I plan to snip off a few pieces to plant in my garden. Because of these plans, I am carrying a small folding knife in my pocket.

When I went out to pick up lunch, I happened to reach into my pocket (the one with the knife in it). At that moment, a security guard walked by. Of course, nothing happened, but I was struck by the fact that I was standing there with my hand in my pocket where that knife was. In fact, I was touching the knife.

I'm sure that the security guard thought nothing at all.

How many times have we passed by people who were carrying knives, even standing there with their hands in their pockets holding a knife? Who knows? It is a scary thought.

I guess this just reinforces the idea that you cannot defend against the knife, you have to defend against the person. You have to defend against a person who is about to draw a knife (and determine this based on his body language and the overall situation). There simply is not enough time to react once the knife is drawn.

An attacker is not going to announce, "I have a knife in my pocket and now I am going to reach for it!" No. He will be just standing there or walking toward you, and "zip," the knife will be slashing or stabbing.

And a pocket is not necessarily the best place to conceal a knife. I don't want to go into it, but a person can hide a knife many places. A knife fighter will have a knife ready to draw in an instant.

Certainly not everyone has a knife in their pocket. But today I did, and I'm a nice guy who only wants to cut some plants for the garden.


Charles C. Goodin