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The Emperor's New Kata

This is a story.

The emperor, who was also the head Karate instructor of a ryuha and wanted to be remembered, created a new Karate kata (named after him, of course). He called all the students and other instructors together and performed the new kata for them.

The kata was terrible! The emperor obviously had only a shallow understanding of Karate and the kata reflected this. It was the worst kata ever!

The emperor finished the kata and took a very long and dramatic bow. "Now that you have seen my magnificent new kata," he announced, "I would like to hear your impressions."

The gathering of students and instructors was about to erupt with their frank assessments...

"And let me also say that you are all promoted one dan or kyu rank in honor of this auspicious occasion!" added the emperor.

"Bravo!" yelled the crowd!



"The best kata ever!"

While the emperor might not have been very good at Karate, he was great at controlling people. After all, he was the emperor.

A person does not become great because of incentives. Wait, sometimes they do.


Charles C. Goodin