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Christmas Grab Bag -- Canned Goods

My family had our Christmas party on Saturday. Usually, we have a $2 grab bag. We've been doing this for a long time, so we pretty much get the same types of grab bag gifts each year.

So this year, my wife had a better idea. We did away with the grab bag and asked our guests to bring canned goods which we would donate to the local food bank. My third son delivered the canned goods that were donated at the party (plus some more) yesterday.

My wife comes up with some really good ideas!

They say that behind every great man there is a great woman (and vice versa). I know that in my case, I would not be able to do very much at all were it not for the support of my wife and family. My wife makes it look like I know what's going on, when actually I am usually concentrating on Karate. She plans all the parties, trips and important family events. I just have to show up. She does all the work and I often get all the credit.

I am not a great man by any means. But my wife is a great woman... especially during the hectic holiday season. Between cooking, buying gifts, wrapping them, hosting parties, attending parties, working, and cooking some more, I don't know how she has any time at all. But then she is also helping me with my Karate (and law firm) Christmas cards and letters and again, doing everything that makes it look like I really know what's going on.

I want you to know that the great woman behind everything I have done (and am doing), is my wife and high school sweetheart, Nayna. Next month will be our 32nd anniversary and we were engaged when we were only 17 (I was teaching Karate back then too).

So for anyone who came to our family's Christmas party, the canned goods were her idea.


Charles C. Goodin