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A Birthday Thought

As I mentioned yesterday, I am now 52. I was born in 1957.

My friend and senior, Sensei Pat Nakata, started practicing Karate right around when I was born.

Our mutual friend and senior, Sensei Bobby Lowe, starting practicing Karate around when Nakata Sensei was born (1944).

I could never compare myself, as a Karate student or instructor, to Nakata Sensei or Lowe Sensei. We are generations apart. They are so senior to me.

I could never compare myself to them. I am just happy to be able to say that I know them and also train with them. Nakata Sensei is like my older brother (or uncle) in Karate and Lowe Sensei is like my grandfather. We are all also members of the Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai, with fine instructors such as Sensei Fumio Nagaishi, Sensei Alan Lee, Sensei Hisae Ishii-Chang, Sensei Angel Lemus, Sensei Sean Roberts, and Sensei Mark Tankosich.

Even though I am 52, in Karate I am still just a kid!

It is easy to be humble when you know many great people. There is no shame in being a junior. In time, we become the uncles and grandfathers in Karate. There is no rush.


Charles C. Goodin