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A Birthday Gift... and Teacher

I have written about my third son who is learning Ju Jitsu. For my 52nd birthday I asked him for a special present. I asked him to show me a Ju Jitsu/MMA technique every day for the next year (but to take it easy on me).

The first technique he showed me was a classical arm bar from the guard. Wow is he strong! (See, I know the term "guard".)

Today, I showed him a basic standing arm lock often seen in Karate. He countered it and escaped so quickly that I was left just standing there dumbfounded. If he wanted to, he probably could have ripped my arm off.

I have a lot to learn from my youngest son!

The moral of this post is that a teacher might be right under your nose. I am my youngest son's father and Karate Sensei. I am also grateful to be his student.


Charles C. Goodin