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Apple and Eggs

My sons and I just spent some time looking at photographs of Ronnie Coleman. Do a Google search and look at the images. He has to be one of the greatest bodybuilders ever.

Then one of my sons said to look up the world's strongest man, Mariusz Pudzianowski, who is supposed to be making a MMA debut. You might want to do a search for him too.

These men are huge. I think their arms are bigger than my waist!

My sons are pretty big but they look like scrawny children compared to these monsters.

I could never match these men in strength. And yet in martial arts, we cannot chose the attackers against whom we must defend. We can't say, "I'm sorry, you are too big and strong."

I cannot match a bigger and stronger attacker. My arms and legs are not as strong. But -- and this is a very important but -- my entire body is stronger than any man's eyes. The concentrated power of my body is stronger that the weak points of any man. That is why I entitled this post "Apples and eggs." A attacker may have stronger arms than me, but he still has weak eggs (if you get what I mean).

How much can your eye take? How much can your groin take? How much can your knee take? I am leaving our many kyusho (vital or weak spots). But the point is, a strong man still has weak points. Think for a moment about all the MMA matches you've watched and the ones that were stopped by fouls/disqualifications. Sometimes a weak looking accidental jab to the eye stops the match (and results in permanent injury). How about those strikes to the back of the head?

We should not try to match apples to apples, we should match apples to eggs.


Charles C. Goodin