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Why Some Say Jewelry Is OK

When I wrote No Jewelry, I expected to hear from some people defending the wearing of jewelry in Karate class. I was surprised that no one made such arguments. Perhaps this blog attracts more traditional Karate students.

But just for discussion's sake, here is the rationale: It is OK to wear jewelry in Karate classes where the students make no contact with each other.

Of course, I would not agree with this. A student wearing earrings could snag them on the sleeve of his or her own gi. Jewelry can easily injure the wearer (and others).

But the point that I thought was interesting is that there are Karate classes where the students do not make contact with each other. What? Karate with no contact?

It gets better. I have also heard of Karate classes where the students do not need to know the meaning of kata.

No contact, no meanings? What do the students do, just go through the motions? Exactly!

But I guess that they could look good with their jewelry. (Again, I would not recommend wearing jewelry in Karate class at all, contact or not.)

In my dojo, we do not even wear patches. I recently saw students with patches running all the way down both sides of their gi bottoms -- both sides. That's a lot of patches.

Don't forget -- when you see students wearing many patches, someone is selling them (the patches). One patch would seem enough to me, and even that is one too many.


Charles C. Goodin