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Starting Over

This is a story.

A new student was getting ready for his first class at a Karate dojo after training for 10 years in another style. As he got ready, he spoke to an older man who was also getting ready for the class.

"First time here?" asked the older man.

"Yep," said the student. "Even though I trained for 10 years in another style of Karate and I already know a lot, I want to start over."

"Me too," said the man.

"Is today your first class?" asked the new student?


Just then, a senior student called the class to attention. The older man took his place and the students all bowed to him.

The new student did not know what to say. He was so embarrassed. When the other students had left after class, he went up to the Sensei and asked, "Why did you say that you are starting over when you are the Sensei?"

"After ten years you are starting over today with us," answered the Sensei. "I start over each and every day. Each day I am a new student trying to learn, trying to understand Karate. I am always starting over. What I did yesterday seems so wrong... I see nothing but errors. Today I am starting over. Right this minute I am starting over."


Charles C. Goodin