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Recarpeting (Switching Styles)

My wife and I and our sons spent yesterday and today moving furniture so that our office could be painted and carpeted. It has been ten years since we've done this (because there are only 3 of us in the office) so it was a big job. Our furniture fits perfectly and it all had to be moved out of the office into the hallway today. Then the carpeting people could do their work.

So here is the Karate analogy. Teaching students who previously learned another style is like recarpeting an office -- you have to move all the furniture before you can install the carpet. The furniture is good, it just all has to be moved.

A new student is like an empty office. You can paint and install carpet easily -- there is nothing to move or in the way. But with transfer students, you have to work hard just to clear things.

For transfer students, just go along with the process. Don't worry, the furniture is brought back in. It is not thrown away. But it must be moved so that the new carpet can be installed -- so that the basics can be taught. Don't be attached to what you learned before. You can't install a new carpet with a big desk sitting in the middle of the room -- even if it's a great desk.

Tomorrow we have to bring back all the boxes we put into storage. What a big job! Ten years ago I had to do a lot myself. Thank goodness my sons have grown up and can help now (and are much stronger than me).


Charles C. Goodin