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Karate "god"

Once in a while I hear people talk about this person or that in such exaggerated terms that they seem to think he or she is a Karate "god" or somehow superhuman.

I have written before that what makes a great Karate expert great, is hard work, dedication and deep thought. It takes a swimming pool full of sweat and a lifetime of effort. I don't think that anyone becomes truly skilled at Karate easily.

I recently said to one of my friends (after discussing the Karate "god" phenomenon), that if I were a "god" I would heal the sick and feed the hungry, not practice Karate.

I know many fine Karate Sensei. They all put their pants on one leg at a time, and I'm sure that they would admit that their farts stink too (as in the local expression, "What, your farts no stink?"). In other words, they are all human.

Karate is for people. Great Karate skill is a sign of hard work, not divinity. We should respect great Karate experts, not deify them.


Charles C. Goodin