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Kapakahi Stance

Last night I was teaching and blocking and striking pattern in naname zenkutsu dachi (both feet are diagonal and you lean to one side with your weight about 70/30% -- like the second movement of Kusanku (the Yara version).

Anyway, many students have a hard time with this stance, particularly when we shift from side to side. We pivot on the balls of our feet but there are always students who pivot on their heels, or one ball and one heel, or "any kine" way. Naturally, some students end up with their feet not parallel.

Last night I told one of students, "your stance is all kapakahi."

That's the thing about living in Hawaii. We use all sorts of words from many languages. I think this one is actually Hawaiian and I even found a definition for it online at Encarta (see http://encarta.msn.com/dictionary_561536158/kapakahi.html).

Anyway, it means all mixed up, or messed up, or jammed up... wrong. A kapakahi stance is not a good thing.

Kapakahi Karate would be pretty bad too!


Charles C. Goodin