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Just OK

This is a story.

A student performed a kata for his Sensei.

"Excellent!" exclaimed the Sensei.

The next day, the student performed the same kata again for his Sensei.

"Hmmmm, OK," said the Sensei.

The student was confused. "Sensei," he began, "yesterday when I did the kata you said 'excellent' but today you only say 'OK'. I did the kata exactly the same."

"That's the point," answered the Sensei. "Yesterday was an improvement. Today you have simply repeated the performance... there was no improvement. Yesterday it was excellent. Today it is just OK. Tomorrow, unless you improve, it will be terrible!"

We have to improve each and every day. If we are not getting better, we are getting worse. We have to aggressively seek to better ourselves -- not to be better than others, but the best that we can possibly be.


Charles C. Goodin