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Itosu Sensei Returns!

This is another story.

Oh my goodness! Itosu Sensei returned from the past, this time to my dojo here in Honolulu, Hawaii, and by coincidence you are here too! How about that? As before, he miraculously speaks English.

What an opportunity! We each get to ask him a question... only one question. So think hard. What will you ask him. I will tell you what I would ask. You will have to scroll down to see my question.

I would ask, "Itosu Sensei, can I get you anything?"

You have to remember that Itosu Sensei was quite elderly when he passed away. He has taken a long trip through time and space to come all the way to Hawaii. First things must come first. My obligation as a senior in our dojo is to show courtesy to our guest. So that would be my first and only question.

Of course, this is just another story. But there will be times when Karate seniors visit your dojo. What will you ask them?

But if I had a second question, I think I would ask, "Don't you think that the opening sequence of Pinan Shodan is pretty hard for young students? And there are so many shuto uke techniques in nekko ashi dachi. Couldn't you have made a simpler kata series?"


Charles C. Goodin