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Easier to Teach Goju-Ryu Students

Sometimes I get students who have studied other styles. I have found that it is generally easier for me to teach a Goju-Ryu student than a Shotokan or Shorin-Ryu student. Do you know why?

The techniques and kata I teach are somewhat similar to Shotokan or Shorin-Ryu. When I teach a student with a background in such styles, he sees me but interprets what I teach in light of what he has already learned. Actually, he doesn't see me -- he sees his own projection of me.

When I teach a Goju-Ryu student, my techniques and kata are pretty different from what he has learned. So when he sees me, he can actually see me. There is less a chance of him seeing his own projection of me.

Does this make sense?

Changing styles is a very challenging process and takes a great deal of commitment, hard work, and time. It also takes a sharp eye. You have to be able to actually "see" your instructor, not your own projection of what he is doing based on your prior training.

Do you know who I have found learns our style most easily? People who have studied hula.


Charles C. Goodin