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Drinking and Fighting

First, I know it must seem that I am a "goody two shoes" -- no drinking, no smoking, no cursing. It is not religion based, I just don't see any value in those things. And I do curse sometimes.

So here is my thought...

I was speaking to one of my students (actually, one of my sons). He was going to a nightclub, where naturally, people are drinking. One of his friends got jumped in a parking lot at a nightclub a while back and I have warned my son that public drinking and fighting go hand in hand. It is more complicated than just alcohol. There is also the issue of men fighting over women, gangs fighting over whatever, and thieves trying to steal cars, money, etc.

My son told me not to worry about him going to a nightclub because he was not going to drink. His logic was that since he would not drink, he would not get into a fight.

So I asked him, "What would you do if some guy made a move on your girlfriend or said something rude to her?" My son gave me that look, like he would beat the crap out of the guy.

Then I asked what he would do if someone or a group jumped one of his friends. He gave me the same look.

This is the same son that once told me that he wanted to fight a basketball team in high school... the whole team.

So he would not fight... unless someone messed with his girlfriend or his friends. In other words, there was a real risk of a fight, even if he did not drink at all.

The only way to avoid this risk, in my thinking, is to avoid that place. Anytime you go to a place where people, young people in particular, are drinking, there could be trouble. You have to remember that people might also be doing drugs. Drinking, drugs, and lots of raging hormones. It is a formula for violence.

It may seem like I am too old fashioned. But you have to remember that my sons are martial artists. They have trained since they were five, and my third son is very active in MMA. They have been trained to avoid the use of martial arts unless it is the last resort. Going to a place where fighting is likely conflicts with this.

I am biased. I don't like drinking. I don't like fighting either. The two make me want to curse, except I'd rather not do that either. Tomorrow I think I better work in the yard. I am so grand pa.


Charles C. Goodin