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The Champion

This is a story.

A Karate champion was walking down a dark street at night. Out from the bushes jumped a mugger. Before the champion could even take a ready position, the mugger beat the crap out of him. The champion crumpled to the ground as the mugger took his wallet.

"But, but... I'm the best Karate competitor in the state," moaned the champion. "I've never been beaten."

"I guess they did not invite me to that tournament," replied the mugger.

Whether you are the county, state, regional, national or world champion, that only means that you were declared the best of those who competed. There are almost 7 billion people in the world. Do you really think that anyone can say that they are the best Karate competitor or fighter of all those people?

I was thinking about having a tournament at my dojo. I would not tell anyone about it except my two sons and my daughter. We would all compete. I would be the dojo champion, my daughter would be the state champion, my third son would be the national champion, and my second son would be the world champion. And of course, my wife would be the universal champion because we all listen to her!

Just be a champion of your own life. That is enough.


Charles C. Goodin