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Who Is Your Teacher?

This is a story.

A Karate Sensei went to a seminar and observed a young adult black belt student. The Sensei noticed that the student had ten stripes on his belt and could not imagine what this might represent, so he asked the young man.

"Oh these," said the student, "these are names of the ten associations I belong to." "I have been certified and approved by ten ranking and review committees. My Karate is authentic. I am a real Karate man, not an amateur."

"Ten associations," replied the Sensei, "who is your Sensei?"

"Uh, my Sensei, er, I, well, I used to..., but then, you know... I belong to 10 associations! That means something!"

"I'm sure it does," replied the Sensei.

"It must," said the student, "it's costing me an arm and a leg!"

We learn from our teachers. This is a personal relationship. You don't wear your Sensei on your belt -- you live the lessons he has taught. Having a good Sensei means more than being a member of 100 associations!


Charles C. Goodin