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What I Would Like to Remember

Yesterday, I wrote about How Would You Like to Be Remembered?

I would like to confess that when I leave my office for an appointment, my wife and/or my paralegal ask me three questions:

  1. Is your zipper up?
  2. Do you have your cell phone?
  3. Do you have any aluminum foil on your shirt buttons?
I should explain the last question. When we take my Aloha shirts to the dry cleaner, they wrap the buttons in aluminum foil to protect them. Sometimes I forget to remove the foil. I have gone out on appointments and even given legal talks with foil on my buttons!

When Shoshin Nagamine came to Hawaii in 1996, he gave a very special speech at the Kahala Hilton entitled Karate and World Peace. I was fortunate to attend the speech and the formal dinner that followed, and had to purchase a new suit for the occasion. Halfway through the dinner, I realized that I had not removed the tag from the left sleeve of the suit jacket!

So it is important to do good things so that you will create a legacy and be remembered. But as we age, it is also important to just remember!

I am convinced that Karate training stimulates our brains and helps us to think quickly and to remember things... but maybe not about foil covered buttons.


Charles C. Goodin