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Kata Appropriate To Level

I believe that it is important to teach the student each kata thoroughly and deeply. That does not mean that I would show the same body dynamics and applications to a new student and a san dan. There is "new student deep" and "sandan deep".

In particular, I would not show certain applications to newer students (who I do not know well enough yet to trust) or to younger students (who should not yet learn certain dangerous techniques).

Karate should be taught appropriately based upon the age, experience, and level of the student.

And even if a student learns a kata thoroughly and deeply, that does not mean that he will not be taught variations and deeper mechanics and applications as he progresses over the years. Just the opposite is true! The more advanced the student becomes, the more he will learn the kata he already knows.

I have written this before, but it is worth repeating. When you have Windows installed on your computer, you will periodically receive updates. Various aspects of the operating system will be updated to keep it current.

We do the same in our dojo. One change to a movement in a kata will apply to all other identical movements in other kata, and to all other similar movements in other kata. A change in hip motion (koshi) could apply to just about every movement in all the kata. It is like updating the Karate operating system.

The Sensei will not show each change to each movement. That is up to the student -- and this takes intelligence, motivation, and hard work. You can spoon feed some students and they will not get it. You can give just a hint to other students, and they will catch the idea and run with it -- and apply the principle to all their techniques.

Teach appropriately based upon the age, experience, and level of the student.


Charles C. Goodin